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Member Education

FI-Q: Creighton Federal’s 30 Minutes to Improve
Your Financial IQ and Build Confidence

The entire FI-Q video series is Copywrite 2016 Creighton Federal Credit Union

FI-Q is Creighton Federal’s series of short, informative videos jam-packed with information about personal finance. In lessons of five minutes or less viewers learn about their credit score and how it’s calculated, the value of a VISA debit card, hidden costs in auto loans and much more.

Introductory Lesson – Free Money
Examines the money people can save, earn or recover

every year with knowledge of their personal finances

and putting it to use.


Lesson 1 – Why Your Credit Score is Important
Explains why a person’s credit score is one of the most

important numbers attached to their name and identity.


Lesson 2 – How Creighton Federal Can Help You
Looks at the 84% of adults 18 – 34 who would value financial

guidance and advice and how Creighton Federal can help.


Lesson 3 – Credit Cards and Credit Scores
Explains how not owing/using a credit card could hurt

people in the future by hurting their credit standing.


Lesson 4 – How Your Credit Score is Determined
Lays out how a person’s credit score is determined by the

three credit reporting agencies.


Lesson 5 – The Credit Reporting Agencies
Provides a close look at Experian, Trans Union and Equifax,

the agencies that determine a person’s credit score and,

therefore, their credit future.


Lesson 6 – Seven Hidden Auto Loan Costs
Explains the financial land mines buried in auto dealer

financing offers.


Lesson 7 – The Time Value of Money
Explains in simple terms how the amount of time money has

to grow is more important than the amount of money invested.


Lesson 8 – Why You Need a Checking Account
Takes the viewer to a more complete understanding of this most

basic and essential personal finance tool.


Lesson 9 – How to Buy Your Next Vehicle
Walks the viewer through a 10-item list of advisable

steps to take before saying, “I’ll take it.”


Lesson 11 – Why a Credit Union is Not a Bank
Examines the three things that separate credit unions from

Banks and the benefits members derive from “the credit

union difference.”


Lesson 12 – How to Start Saving for Retirement
Overcomes the objections of many and shows viewers

how to start saving.

Lesson 13 – Identity Theft
Offers up a thorough explanation of what Identity Theft is (there’s more than one kind), how it can affect us and what we should do –  immediately and in the future – if we become victims.



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