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July, 2018

You Left Your Debit Card Where?
Authored By: Tom Kjar on 7/10/2018


                                                                                                         You Left Your Debit Card Where?

By Tom Kjar, Creighton Federal President & CEO
There’s a TV commercial – you’ve probably seen it – where someone has left their debit card at a restaurant in New York or another big city. When they realize what’s happened the person casually picks up their smart phone and, with an app on the phone, locks their debit card so nobody else can use the card and drain their account.

Pretty cool stuff. Works with a big bank debit card in a big city. But here’s the thing. It works here in Omaha, too. With our Creighton Federal debit card and our MyMobile Money app (Download the FREE app from the App Store or Google Play). And, yes, if you leave your debit card at some upscale bodega in New York it works there, too. I guess you could think of the money you didn’t lose as a kind of Buried Treasure.

So, why does this matter? It matters because we want our members’ money safe. It’s their money, not somebody else’s. And keeping their money safe is harder than you think. But that’s our worry. You just go on and have a good time.
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